Sunday, April 11, 2010


Camille is my first born, and now is old enough that I am lying about HER age.:-)
And today is her birthday!
I will always remember the day she was born.
I had been on bed rest for three weeks and was so glad she was finally coming.
Although since she was born just nine months after our wedding, I really didn't want her coming any earlier.:-)
After a very difficult labor, there she was, 8 pounds, six ounces, sweet, pink, and with long beautiful curly hair!
We love her so much and are so glad she is part of out family!
She has not only been a great daughter, but she is also a good friend!
We hope you have a wonderful day!!


Emma T said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter Camille!!

MissKris said...

happy birthday Camille. Love you MORE!

MissKris said...

happy birthday Camille. Love you MORE!

James said...

Happy Birthday to Camille. Her little daughter is adorable.

Lisa said...

That was me (from James)

Jenny-Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Camille! What a wonderful family you have!

Small House said...

Beautiful daughter! What a smile!

Carolyn said...

I already want to lie about my daughter's age. Seriously.

Happy Birthday to Camille.