Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Leaving On A Jet Plane . . . and a little touch of randomness

Tomorrow morning I am boarding a plane to Utah! I will be met by my daughter at the airport, who will chauffeur me to my parent's house. And the following morning I will be joined by my four sisters at Women's Conference.

Now can anything be more fun than that?!

I am so very much looking forward to it. Although I would be just a little more excited if I hadn't checked the weather report.


Just a little added adventure, coutesy of Mother Nature, I suppose.

About yesterday's post . . . I am feeling a little guilty about the support people have given over being left alone during labor just as the baby was making an appearance because . . . my mother has a much more dramatic story.

Making a long story short . . . When she was expecting my youngest brother we lived in Costa Rica. This was also a time when fathers didn't participate much in the birth of their children. So when it was time to deliver, my dad took my mother to the hospital, was told it would be several hours and to go home and they would call him when it got closer. So he did.

Unfortunately, they also didn't have a labor room available so they put my mother in a storage closet, on a table with a pillow and then left her there. About an hour later, a nurse did check on her, but that was the last time she saw anyone for FIVE hours!! No one monitored her process, no one made sure the baby was okay, no one administered medication or helped her with contractions.

She was left there all alone.

When she got close to being ready to deliver, still no one had come and so she started yelling, "Help!! Help!!" as loudly as she could. Unfortunately she couldn't remember the word for "help" in Spanish and so just hoped her English would be understood. Finally, a nurse came, checked her and then immediately called the doctor. Luckily my father had grown concerned and gone to the hospital even though no one called him. While walking in, he saw the doctor run past. Just a few minutes later, my mother delivered a very cute 9 lb baby boy.

Pretty dramatic. But then my Mom is a farm girl, and very tough! :-)
Lastly. I am LOVING studying the book of Ether right now for seminary. Today we were talking about how the Brother of Jared was so faithful about praying but when he got to the coast he stopped praying for four years. I asked the kids how that could happen to someone who was so righteous.

One boy blurted out, "It was because he was enjoying his cottage on the beach!" Isn't that the truth. How often do we get content in where we are and so we stop moving forward, even though our "promised land" hasn't been reached.

Perhaps that is another good reason for me to go to Women's Conference . . . I have grown a little too comfortable in my "cottage" and need to be nudged/kicked out. :-)

So here is to progress!! May it always bring . . . joy to our journey.


Jenny-Jenny said...

Wow! Your poor mom. I'm glad she finally got help. I think I would have laid there sobbing for that entire 5 hours.

Sue said...

I can think of nothing better in this world than Women's Conference with all three of my sisters.

Have a GREAT time!


Momza said...

have a wonderful time! I will miss EC this year so I may attend the CBC...I hope I made the right choice.

And your Mom deserves a medal!

Lisa said...

I love your seminary students answer. Very insightful.
Have a great time with your sisters at Womens Conference.

KC Mom said...

Enjoy your visit and women's conference!
Ether rocks....so does your Mom!

Marilyn said...

Oh I hope you enjoy your journey to Utah! I wish I could head up there too (again). Can't wait to hear what you learned! Yikes-and glad to hear your mom made it through! (and your cute brother too!)

Suzanne said...

I am going to Women's Conference too!! Totally bummed about the weather, but we are going to make the most of it!

I love the book of Ether. Your student's answer was perfect. Was it Holland that gave the talk about leaving the summer cottages of Babylon? Can't remember, but it made me think of that talk.

Happy Flying! Have a fabulous day! -Suzanne

Shannon said...

Have a great time with your sisters. Several of mine are flying in today, too, and I get to be the chauffeur at the airport. Women's Conference, here we come!

I agree with everyone else, your mom deserves a medal, you too. It's amazing what must be gone through to get these cute little bundles here sometimes- and then we get some sort of amnesia and do it again! It's all worth it in the end, though.

Rebecca Irvine said...

Have a wonderful time in Utah. Wish I could be there too! I aspire to be as tough as you and your mom, although I doubt I will have any more babies.

Anonymous said...

Lets cross the bridge when we come to it..................................................