Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fun, fun, fun!!

Life has been busy, but also filled with a lot of fun.

Last night for family night we invited our friends the Holmes family to share the evening with us. We had yummy Chinese/Japanese food for dinner (complete with chop sticks) and then a lesson on the Family Proclamation.

Following the lesson, the Holmes' put on a very cute musical performance for us. They had put a shortened version of the proclamation to song and choreographed a dance to go with it. It was such a riot to see them all marching/dancing across our back porch with their plastic guitars and microphones singing their hearts out.

We loved it!!

And Wes couldn't help but be caught up in the excitement. He started "rock'n out" to the music as well.

Another fun part of the evening was the readiness activity for the lesson. Kristen wrote a skit that was so cute! She told the story of Nephi building the ship and how his brothers called him a fool and didn't want to help out. Then the story was redone--applying the proclamation, and this time his brothers offered their help. (All of this was acted out by all the kids)
But what was so cute is she did it like a news broadcast. The news network was called "ABC" which stood for "Another Brother Conflict" She had very cute lines like when the reporter commented to Nephi how he quickly got to building after being commanded by the Lord and Nephi responded, "I never wait before I go and do." (1 Nephi 3:7)
And when the reporters signed off they said, "Stay tuned for our story on Able's trek through Cain's Canyon." Of course we know that one isn't going to end very well. :-)
If anyone wants a really cute skit for FHE or for anything else--email me and I will send you her script.
Last Saturday was also the wedding of my very darling and talented niece Ronilyn to her high school sweetheart, Justin. She is pictured below with all of her cousins who were there to celebrate with her. We had so much fun at her wedding, luncheon and the reception at the Wright House in Mesa that night. It was all very beautiful--and I really need to get the recipe for her wedding cake. The lemon raspberry layer was delicious!!

And continuing with my update . . .
Michelle has discovered that having both of her older sisters home has been hazardous to the health of her gas tank. So she is trying to rectify that with the jar below. So far I think Wes and I have been the major contributors however, so I am not sure how well it is working. :-)

And lastly . . . Anyone have a clever caption for the picture below? I think it is begging for one.
(And I promise she was not left unattended.)

We are taking care of our sweet little grand baby, Carly, while her parents are having some much needed time alone in California.
We have had a lot of fun with her, but I have also realized that babies are SO MUCH WORK!! How do mothers do it? How did I do it? She seems to keep all of us hopping at all times.
One cute story. In church my husband sits on the stand. When Carly saw him sitting there, she wanted to be with him. About half way through the meeting she escaped and started running up the aisle as quickly as she could towards him, waving the entire time.
It was so funny to see Wes up there--a very proud grandpa, but also trying to be discreet while waving back.
We grabbed her and took her out--screaming. We thought that was preferable to having her up there with him, all eyes on them, and no one listening to the poor high councilor who was speaking.
So that is some of what has been happening with us.
Many good and fun things that are all bringing great . . . joy to our journey!


Shannon said...

Sounds like your summer is off to a great start! Enjoy that cute grand baby.

MissKris said...

That was the cutest moment on Sunday. Carly's such a cute baby.

Rebecca Irvine said...

Such a nice newsy post. Sounds like you are having lots of good family time and making fun memories.

Cherie said...

I love your update. First of all the FHE sounds like a riot!! I love that your friends rocked out to the Family Proclamation! Very cool. The news cast got my mind working overtime - Such a great idea and could be used on a variety of stories :D

The gas jar just made me give a great big belly laugh. We have our share of drivers around here and know what the car/gas situation can be like - The jar is GREAT! Ha Ha

Carly - cute name and cute baby. I don't have a caption but she sure is a sweetie.
I LOVE IT when little ones run up to their dad's or Grandpa's on the stand.

Lisa said...

I love a post with lots of news. The picture of your hubs is hilarious. The story about sacrament meeting, so adorable.

Momza said...

What a fun FHE idea! Looks like everyone had a great night--and that's what FHE's are all about, right?
The grampa/Carly story was adorable--I'm sure she had no idea why she couldn't just run up and sit with Grampa. Bless her heart!
Your background is cute too!

Be Thou Humble said...

I wish you had the Holmes' performance on video! That would have been fun to see. I would love for you to email me a copy of the FHE skit (scottpace@msn.com)!

Sonia Holmes said...

Lori, we had so much fun with the family for FHE-thank you for the invite and the opportunity to perform our number again!!! I'm glad to see you having such a fun time with cute Carly, she is pretty crazy, a lot like a little guy I have running around my house-so you see why I've been such a mess for the past 2 years? Haha-Love you!

Roger and LeAnn said...

Thanks for this very cute post. I loved the pictures and the Family Home Evening event. I so love those who have talents to write a script. It all sounded so fun and yet principles were taught. I can tell that you are enjoying the moments. Blessings and hugs to you! LeAnn

The Kurtzeborn Family said...

Your FHE sounded like so much fun! Could you possibly email me Kristin's skit when you have a minute? I would love a copy! hollydolly413@yahoo.com

Carly is SO cute! She is changing so much! I just love your blog!

Brindy said...

Hi! I ran in to your blog while searching for skits for Nephi building the ship. I am planning an activity for our Activity Day girls and we are doing skits for 4 different scripture stories. Yours sounds adorable! I was wondering if I could get a copy of your friends script. You can email me at: brindy.adams@gmail.com