Monday, May 31, 2010

GIVE AWAY--Guess Where I Am Going And Win A Prize!!

I am soon going to be leaving on a trip to another country. I am very excited to go and would like to bring back a souvenir to whomever is the first person to guess where I am going! I will give more clues on Wednesday. The first person to guess on that day will also get a souvenir.

EMAIL your guesses to Do NOT post your guesses as a comment.

Immediate family members or friends who already know where I am going are disqualified from playing.

Here are today's clues.

1. This country was once part of the British Empire.

2. It was the first democracy in the West to give women the right to vote.

3. It has won the most Olympic gold medals, per capita, amongst all the participant countries.

4. It has the highest car ownership rates in the world.

5. It is home to the oldest reptile, biggest earthworms, smallest bats, and heaviest insects. (I'm really excited for that! :-)


Sue said...

I have NO idea. But I hope you have a GREAT time!


Emma T said...

I don't know either. Is it legal to google? Or maybe I will wait for your next set of clues and see if any of them are easier. :-)

MissKris said...

I guess Israel.

dt said...

I know . . . I know . . . but i don't want to ruin the fun. Does this mean I get a souvenir? ;) jk
Have a great trip!

Gramee said...

I will tell you question 5 gave it away for me, My grandson just told me these facts..
insect sounds interesting.. he told me it is as large as your hand and can weigh over 5 oz's..

I emailed you..

I am happy you get a fun trip!!