Sunday, May 30, 2010

HELP!! I have a new church calling!

So after my 12 years in seminary I now have a new church calling! I am the Ward Activity Chairman!!

I really am excited about this because I LOVE parties!! And I love activities of all kinds!

BUT . . .

I need your help!! PLEASE!!!

Everyone help me!

What are the best ward activities you have had? What were your least favorites and why?

Please email me at with any suggestions, ideas, websites etc. you think might be helpful.



the Eggett's said...

Could there be a better calling for you? You are the ultimate party planner!

as for my favorite ward activity . . . our ward had a luau a couple summers ago complete with a pig over a fire, and some hawaiian dancers came and taught us how to do the luau. It was very fun!

Shannon said...

You will be amazing. A couple of years ago our Bishop wanted to focus on physical fitness so our activities revolved around that theme. Our kiddos favorite ward activity was when they arranged for several of those huge plastic signs that hang up along the fences at baseball games. We took them to a retention basin and made a giant slip and slide. My favorite was a ward hike one Saturday morning at Usury Pass (in February) with sub sandwiches for lunch afterward. The activities planned for all of that year were actually quite fun, but we moved here in June and didn't get to all of them.

Mary said...

what a fun calling!!!

Gramee said...

I did that for several years. I did love it!

Melissa said...

We have had a lot of different ward activities that we have enjoyed. We like to have a fourth of july breakfast which is always fun. One of my favorite activities that we have every year is a ward chili cook off with cowboy attire and decorations. Its lots of fun!

Just ME the MOM said...

We have a summer picnic at the park each year around the 4th of July with a flag ceremony and pledge of allegiance, picnic dinner (sometimes dutch oven), they have volleyball and horseshoes available, there is a fair (everyone enters their quilts, jars of jam, bottled goods etc - it's just for fun!). Also a talent showcase, tables with artwork, framed photos, scultures, wood carvings, embroidery, pillows etc. It's a summer tradition for us and very fun!


Handsfullmom said...

I agree with the Eggetts -- what a perfect calling for you.

I can't think of any favorite activities, but I do want to say, don't ever do a service auction. They sound great and fun and all, but no one ever follows through with actually asking for the service they "pay" for.

Cherie said...

You are going to love this calling! I have also always been known as the Ultimate party planner - parties are my thing!

This has been my calling for the past 2 years and I love it!
I'll send you some ideas soon!! Fun Fun!!