Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So This Is What We Have Been Up To . . .

This past weekend my husband and I traveled to Colorado to attend our daughter Camille's graduation. She received her master's degree in Special Education from Northern Colorado University.

We are so proud of her!!

After graduating from BYU in Linguistics, she moved to Greeley, Colorado to work on her master's degree. At the time she was single. Since then she married Dave, moved to Colorado Springs, and had a baby. Also, not only did she have to take all the classes for Special Education, but because her undergraduate degree was not in teaching, she had to take all the classes necessary to be certified to teach as well--including student teaching.
It has been a long haul and required a lot of work, but she did it! One week after Carly was born c-section, Camille was busy trying to finish up her classes. She would do her homework with her computer on her lap and her baby on her shoulder.
And now that she is all done, she isn't the only one celebrating.

We decided to spend the night in Fort Collins, rather than drive to Colorado Springs late at night, and the next morning we drove to Rocky Mountain National Park to admire the scenery. It was so beautiful there, and soooooo COLD!!

I promise Wes was happier than he looks in this picture. And I know he was much happier to be out and walking than in the car. He made the entire trip up and back, plus all our sightseeing, in the back of a car, seated sideways because the car seat took up part of his seat. What a sport!! Not only did he never complain, but he also entertained Carly for hours! :-)

We drove up close to 10,000 feet and found this beautiful frozen waterfall at the end of a frozen lake (that was just beginning to thaw so we couldn't walk on it). I loved it.
We also admired the mountain peaks--something we don't get to enjoy here in Phoenix. (What we call mountains in Phoenix are called "hills" everywhere else.)
But I have to admit, one of the most fun things about our trip was spending time with this little girl. How can you not love someone with eyes that look up at you like that? :-)

And even better . . . we brought her home with us. She will be staying for a week.
I am pretty sure life doesn't get any better than this. :-) It was definitely a weekend that brought great . . . joy to my journey!


Lisa said...

Hooray for Camille! So hard to stick with it when you have a little babe. She sounds pretty remarkable. Excited for your granddaughter week!

Be Thou Humble said...

If you brought baby home without mommy and daddy I think that just earned you the "Mother of the Year" title! What an accomplishment for Camille (and family)! Love the pictures--beautiful!

Rebecca Irvine said...

Congratulations! What a long, hard haul. I admire moms who are able to finish their degrees--it is so worth the effort.

KC Mom said...

That is seriously cool. Good for her!
And the scenery is not bad either! :)

Momza said...

RMNP is my idea of heaven on earth. We've spent countless weekends camping up there in the summer...love it!
Enjoy having the baby for a week--it's probably flying by already!

Handsfullmom said...

Congrats to Camille for finishing! And wow, that grandbaby of yours has some stunning eyes!

Shannon said...

Congrats to everyone. Have a great week!

Marilyn said...

Congratulations! Your daughter looks like the physical clone of you! She's gorgeous. And so amazing and crazy that we have another thing in common-I'll talk to Connie when she comes for our son's wedding-that's the only time we see them, during special family times.

Sue said...

What a fun trip! And your daughter's accomplishment is truly impressive.


Sonia Holmes said...

Missed you while you were gone, horay for Camille and Joshua can't wait to play with Carly the cutie!!!

Roger and LeAnn said...

You have an awesome daughter who would persevere to get through all she did to get her Master's degree and on top of that have it in Special Education. What a wonderful accomplishment.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures of your journey. I am sure it was fun to be in the snow for a just a few moments of time. The picture of your grand baby is priceless.
Blessings to you all and have fun with that sweet little one.

Terri said...

Camille is amazing!

in time out said...

YIPEE. Congrats, what a beautiful moment and memory. Happy you were able to be there. Hugs friend.

Cherie said...

Huge congratulations to you daughter Camille. That is definately alot of hard work!!
She is a beautiful mother and her little family is so cute - What a great start in life!!
We have never visited Rocky Mountain National Park - I am amazed at all the snow still there - It looks beautiful!