Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy 83rd Birthday!!!

Today is my father's 83rd Birthday!!
Happy Birthday Dad!!
I hope you have a wonderful day--and many more years of life ahead!!
Last year I posted all about my dad on his 82nd birthday. In that post I tell all about his wonderful life and what a great man he is--complete with pictures!
To read it, click here!

Thank you Dad for being such a great father and grandfather!
We love you!
Hard working.
Still gets up at 3:30 every Friday and Saturday morning to work at the Timpanogos Temple.
Is always the first person up--every day--and then greets anyone who sleeps in after 8 with "Good Afternoon".
Always serving. He often not only takes out his garbage can on garbage day, but the neighbor's as well--and then puts all the cans back after the garbage truck comes.
Can still walk faster than almost anyone I know.
Organized--with a capital O. (I did not inherit that gene)
Always a teacher--When I wrote letters home from my mission he would circle in red the misspelled words.
Defender of the faith
Honest--more so than anyone else I have ever met in my life.
A powerful example of diligence and enduring to the end.
Athletic--go see the pictures on last year's post to see what I mean.
Adventurous!! (Still doesn't pass up an opportunity to do something fun)
And a great care giver. He has been helping care for my mother this past year with patience and love. His example has been inspiring.


Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday to your dad!! 83 fabulous years and he is still going strong! What an amazing life he has lead! Very spiritual man! Temple President too? WOW!! That is cooler than cool! I hope he has a wonderful birthday! -Suzanne

Rebecca Irvine said...

Sounds like an exemplary man. I hope he has a fabulous day!

Da Bergs said...

My parents worked at the Mt. Timpanogos every Sat. (early morning schedule) till my dad got ill... they worked the baptistry, I wonder if they know your parents, hummm...

Your dad is a great example, I can't imagine getting up at 3:30 am TWO days in a row, what a little stud he is!!!

Just ME the MOM said...

My thoughts about fathers birthdays - each one is more and more precious! May they long continue!